Mont Marte Gallery Series Oil Brush Set 6pc



Our 6 piece Gallery Series oil brush set comes with a range of brush styles for your creative sessions.
6 brushes included (1 x Taklon Flat 6, 1 x Taklon Round 6, 1 x Hog Bristle Flat 4, 1 x Hog Bristle Flat 8, 1 x Hog Bristle Round 2 and 1 x Hog Bristle Round 12)
taklon and hog hair
silver ferrules
Do not allow paint to dry in the brush.
Rinse brush in turpentine after painting. Squeeze as much colour out as possible on paper towel or a rag and clean thoroughly with brush cleaner or soapy water until all traces of colour are gone. Reshape brush with fingers.

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