Mont Marte Premium Fluoro Acrylic Paint Tube 50ml – Pink


Let there be glow! Add luminescent colours to your art and craft projects with our Premium Fluoro Acrylic Paint 50ml range. Available in a range of brilliant colours the range offers a translucent finish that captures and amplifies light. Enjoy their vibrance in daylight or watch them transform and glow more vividly under blacklight. These fluorescent paints are quick drying and easy to clean up with water, making them ideal for use in the studio, at home or in the classroom.
Range of bright colours with a vibrant translucent finish
Smooth consistency and quick-drying (great for layering)
Translucent finish captures and reflects light
Glows under blacklight
Very good lightfastness so your artwork will maintain its look for years to come
Non-toxic and water-based for easy clean up
Handy Hints:
To build up opacity use several coats, allowing each to dry before applying the next
Select the ‘Care’ tab to download Care Instructions for usage with our paints and brushes

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