Mont Marte Premium Iridescent Varnish 240ml


Seal, protect and give your artworks a beautiful iridescent finish. Just one coat of this varnish is all you need to add that extra shimmer to your painting.
Note: Do not apply varnish until paint has cured and any silicone oil has been cleaned from the painting.
Gives artworks a beautiful iridescent finish
Apply a single coat to dry paintings using a wide, soft taklon brush
Perfect for fluid art
Handy hints:
Use a dry, clean cloth to lightly remove any dust from the surface of your artwork before varnishing.
Lay the canvas horizontally and use a soft taklon brush to apply the varnish quickly.
Work from side to side and slightly overlap with the previous stroke as you work your way down the canvas.
Don’t use the brush over partially dry varnish because it can ruin the texture.
To increase the iridescent shimmer, use multiple coats of varnish (allow the previous layer to completely dry before applying another coat). You can apply up to 4 coats of varnish to achieve your desired effect.

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